Site Guidelines

I started web weaving circa 1993 while I was in college. It seemed a great way to keep my ideas and online projects and experiments in one place. It was also a great medium for the open sharing of my experiences and feelings.

Or ElseThe world has changed. We used to enjoy a relative anonymity on the Internet. One could post what they wanted and not fear they would be intruded-upon, or stalked, or perhaps even eavesdropped on by our own government.

While I’m sure the determined will obtain what they ultimately want, I am making an attempt to protect what little is left of my privacy by requiring a username and password for access. You know who I am, I think it is fair to know who you are.

Comments have been turned-off. This isn’t a public blog. We can go a few rounds on other sites but not this one. This is MY soapbox. :)

The plan is to make most everything from previous versions of this site available. Most importantly, the photos. Keeping all these photos online over the years has cost a small fortune. I’m not going to ask for a donation, just other pictures from these same events shown within this site. Let me know how you wish to have the photo credited (if at all).

Finally, thanks to all of you who have visited this site now and then. Sorry for the long absence, life happens.