Creating versus Using

At times I wonder whether I enjoy creating blogs more than actually putting them to use. My writings of late haven’t been copious, that’s for sure. No doubt a HUGE part of this is just that nagging feeling that the WRONG people, or shall I say, entities/governments that have by now developed profiling techniques to round-up all of us for one thing or another, are also accessing everyones’ blogs, sorting and sifting. It’s selective enforcement at its worst; laws applied only when they ‘need something on you.’

But I think this also applies in other fields. I sometimes enjoy making radios more than I like operating on the air. And this definitely flips too.

Returned from Tucson on Sunday evening. My siter Julie graduated from the University of Arizona, Tucson from the French Department. I was only down there three days but had a blast catching up with my family there. For once I didn’t pack like a diva.