The Ride

Smog hovers above the Bay this morning.
As I approached our old place on Arlington,
I remembered I hadn’t put the  dogs’ water bowl out for them.

Turn around

Hey at least i get to see what this part of the ride is like in the daylight.
Not bad!
Hills off to the East, and actually, all around.

Back to the smog.
You could really only see it  as you rounded past San Pablo Dam Road.
At first it looked like a giant grey nebulous ghost of a toad.
Floating over San  Pablo.
By time I got back up and over,
the toad had morphed
into a blanket of doom, spread across the Bay like a death veil.

Off in the distance, you could see it was the Chevron plant in Richmond churning it out.
Even in the middle of Lefty Mecca we have  need for the devil’s brew of gas and oil.
Let  our kids die on foreign soil
to protect our right to wreck and spoil

the planet
your back yard
doesn’t it seem like a state of distress?

Why the triangulation?
why the complication?

Things have really slipped
we’re losing our nation
but not of you’ve got YOUR imagination
of what this world could be like
if we only cared.