Can an emotion be frozen? Can a spirit be chilled down to zero degrees Kelvin?

Indifference, not hate, is the opposite of love.

Parasitic relationships always destroy the host.

For quite some time now, I have assumed people are good unless they give me a reason to believe otherwise.


It’s a long way back to well, but I think I’m finally headed there. Whilst children dreamt of sugarplums dancing in their head, I was hoping I wouldn’t soon be found dead. Cold+flu+fever. A journey to hell and back. But since I couldn’t do anything other than lay and think, it has become apparent some things need to change. Re-assert. I can’t believe what I have allowed some others to get away with. So I am taking responsibility for setting my boundaries.

‘When someone shows their true self, believe them.’

Everyone DOES have redeeming qualities, but that’s no reason for them to be mean.

You know who you are. Watch it.

shadow side

Awake into the day
look out the window to the bay
not quite light, not quite night
my shadow side, my sacred plight

shaped dreams pulling at the seams
ragged fingers strum familiar chords
keeping away from bustling hordes
this shortest day of the year

another trip around the sun

Walking to the bus this morning through the warm December mist, I struck up a pace, managing not to race, while keeping the sun in my face. Yes, the sun shone through, if for only ten minutes, it was still there. Ominous cloud forms hover over the city proper. Like the waning year, the light creates that backdrop of temporal decompression.

Whose holiday is it anyway?