How can words describe a dream? OK here goes: I went down to the beach last night and was overwhelmed by the beauty of the waves licking the shore. I was on Baker Beach (just down the hill from where I live in San Francisco). To my right I could see the lights from the Golden Gate Bridge through the fog. To my left the SeaCliff neighborhood. Straight ahead was the wide blue Pacific Ocean.

As I neared the shore, sand between my toes, cool air blowing on my face,I could hear a soft song in the wind. I could also make out a form on the beach. The sound was like nothing I had ever heard before. It was beautiful, sensuous, lilting, and seducttive. I walked toward the form.

Was I seeing things correctly? It looked as though it was a goddess-like woman, laying nude on the sand, partially in the water. The song became louder. More seductive. As I drew near, she stood and it was the most pure and beautiful woman I had ever seen! She had the most infinitely beautiful eyes. Her hair blowing wildly in the sea breeze. A mischevious smile across her face. She came towards me reached out and put her arms around me. Her embrace was warm and soft and pulled me in to her body and our lips met. Soft lips, soft hair, gentle kisses turned passionate. Passionate kisses escalated to caresses. We made love on the beach. The sound of the wind drowned out our primal screams.

The next day I awoke and she was gone.