Awaken angel

Awaken angel
Where the springs flow
where the grasses grow

Awaken hope
for a brand new day
for a better way

It is possible to find the needle in the haystack. You have to draw her to you.

This is it kiddies

Last night I got home from the Square and I had received an email from the Left Coast detailing a job offer in San Francisco. This is it kiddies. This is the one I’ve been waiting for.

But what of the real things? The friends I have? What of them? They are like my family. Maybe even closer.

It seems most of my friends are leaving this town by the end of summer. Since San Francisco generally is on most peoples’ hot list as far as either visiting or living, it will be a good place to try and draw folks. But there are some things I will not leave behind, I will take them with me.

When summer breezes catch my sails

When summer breezes catch my sails,
and it’s wind from the east that prevails,
The time to follow the sun is upon us.

Subtle acceleration of change has become apparent. Dreams cash themselves in for reality. Before long, you actually are in the rocket ship cruising for that destination at a blinding rate. But all the time, you are always exactly where you ARE. BE HERE NOW.

Oh last night I watched a most incredible sunset from atop one of the buildings on the Square. The sun dove behind the clouds and there were orange-purple rays of light shining through a low-horizon cloud backdrop. I swear it seems as if Violet was singing. I mean I know she wasn’t, but the memory was as if she had been singing from the rooftop as the sun went down.